Problems with selectors

hello, while trying to use click activity and choose element i encountered the error “Could not get element selector data. Reason:”. I am using click activity inside use application/browser activity.

Hi @Pavel_Shlykevich ,
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Try UiExplorer to get exact selector, if unable to get try for parent node and check


Hi @Pavel_Shlykevich

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  1. Use Open Browser activity
  2. Use Attach browser activity
    • Inside Use Maximize window activity.
    • Use click image activity and indicated the element in the screen

If you don’t have the Open browser activity
Go to → Project tab → Setting → Disable the Modern Design Experience


new error while trying to indicate through the uiexplorer

attach aplication doesn’t work either. Select image is ok

Have you try with Click Image activity @Pavel_Shlykevich

Hi @Pavel_Shlykevich ,

Could you Explain as to What type of Application is being used ?

Also, Where you able to Perform UI Operations on this Application before ?

To Just Check and Confirm, disable the Modern Experience and Try To Select the UI Element.

yes, click image works, but for my puporse it’s better to use not image click

it’s the mistake with disabled modern experience.
It’s accounting application.
before i used computer vision as this application is downloaded on a remote server. But computer vision doesn’t read all UI element and makes it difficult to robotize. now i uploaded Uipath on remote server and i am trying to robotize in ordinary way

Y, you don’t need to use click image, any reason on this?

You can try with the Native Citrix



@Pavel_Shlykevich It looks like UiPath not able to identify the application elements for some reason. If this case then the better approach would be image automation. Also, give a try on the below steps

  • Try with OCR
  • Try recording the steps


first, did you install the proper extensions to start automating? those 3 whould be helpful

also install the citrix receiver for better image automation


He is using modern and that’s fine. Telling him to switch back to classic is not a solution.

Hi ,
Thank you. Uploaded extensions but now the selectors show errors
Automation is on remote desktop
Any ideas what it can be?
If to record actions with Citrix the mistake is below

you can try with image automation, like citrix recorder, or computer vision.

After UIpath updating i Got an error
if i come to a tool tab in UIpath i don’t see the remote desktop extension to install. Could you help me how to install it?


Could you please try to mass update the project dependencies? Tools->Apps->Project Dependencies Mass Update.

I think this can resolve the issue. Also plz check the selector in the Attach window.