Selector in uipath

Hello guys I am facing a problem regarding the click activity in UIPath. what I am trying to do is that typing something into the search bar of the website using type into activity then it appears below it then I am using the click activity to select that option. It works fine for that option with specific name but when I type in other name it is not clicking below even though I have tried to remove aaname from selector from it.
Could you please suggest me the new approach for it?


can you open it in UiExplorer and kindly share the screenshot here?


First store your name in a variable

As @THIRU_NANI said open the selector in UiExplorer, Check the tag which is having the name, maybe that in aaname / innertext, there you can pass the variable which holds the name

Now whenever the name changes it pass to variable and acts as a dynamic selector

Hope this will help you


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