After updating the Uipath Version from 19.04 to 20.10 the script is throwing selector not found exception for IE browser

I have two same scripts but configured to a different orchestrator environment, the script was running without throwing any exception related to the IE browser from the last 6 months on UiPath version 19.04 but after changing the UiPath version to 20.10 one of the scripts started throwing the IE browser invalid selector issue and the 2nd script is running absolutely fine.
Can anyone please suggest the solution?

I can’t see the selectors, please add them to the comments. Have you tried opening the selector editor and relinking. I don’t mind helping it you can add more info.

Hi @kvbramha

Could you please provide more details about your issue? Otherwise it will be difficult to figure out the root cause.

Could you try updating the packages in your project to see if this would fix the issue?