Unable to Activate Orchestrator License for Enterprise Trial - "Activate" button missing


I installed the UiPath On premises Enterprise Trial v2020.4.3 on a Windows Server, now my next step is to activate the Orchestrator License. I tried to follow the instructions in the documentation https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/activating-your-license

It says that there will be an “Activate Online” or “Activate Offline” button. However I went to my orchestrator --> license tab, I could not find such button

Would appreciate if anyone can help with this


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hi @James_Lee
have you use the “HOST” Tenant ??

Hi Maneesha,

I logged into orchestrator at host level and now I am able to see the activate buttons. Thanks!

I was accessing the orchestrator tenant via cloud this whole time and I didn’t know I need to activate the license from host level.

Thanks for the help!

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you are always welcome and just inform us if its need more help :sunglasses: