I just realize the Enterprise Studio license now include 1 license of Orchestrator, how could I activate my orchestrator?

Hi guys,

I saw the website and just realized the Enterprise Studio my company purchased seem has included 1 Orchestrator license now.

How could I activate my Orchestrator from Community to Enterprise?

Still use the same license which I activated my Studio?

Thanks in advanced.

Which type of Orchestrator did you purchase? Cloud version or On-premise version?
If it’s on-premise, you need to install the Orchestrator & active license follow below guideline

In case of cloud, Please refer below page

I think you need contact to UiPath to upgrade your cloud Orchestrator.

Note that you can’t request additional licenses while on this plan. Request the Enterprise Trial plan or contact us to upgrade your plan to Enterprise.

And please be noticed that,

UiPath maintains separate Cloud Orchestrator instances for Community and Enterprise customers. Upon upgrading to the Enterprise Trial or Enterprise plan, any pre-existing Orchestrator services stay on the Community free instances. However, they receive all the benefits of the Enterprise plan, with Enterprise licenses. Any new Orchestrator services created after the upgrade are hosted within the Enterprise paid instances.

At the moment we don’t have an automated migration mechanism in place for Orchestrator services. If you wish, you can re-create the Orchestrator services, knowing that they are hosted within the Enterprise paid instances.

So you should consider to upgrade your existing community instance or create new Enterprise instance

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How can I get someone from UiPath to reset my licenses as the laptop I was using ealier died and my license is tied up.


Hi @kdhingra - You can raise a ticket with Uipath Licensing team through link Contact Licensing Queries & Activations

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Thanks Mahesh!