Orchestrator license activation problem

I need to activate license via Orchestrator. But in license tab i have no button which alows me to activate license. Where can i find it?
All documentation that i have read is about old interface but now we have new one and i can’t understand where can i find activation button.
Thanks for help.

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Hi @Jom4ick,
Could you please attach screeshot of what you have?

Please make sure you have admin rights on your user.

@Pablito how can i do this?

in dashboard page you have Users tab where you can check it.

Hi @Jom4ick ,
The reason is you are not a admin
May your user role doesn’t have permissions granted to edit /create/deleted for license module

Check your user role and the permissions that you receive on license module

If you dont have that, you have to grant from the relevant person how having admin access rights or having permission to manage users

I have only 1 user with my email and admin permissions

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hi @Jom4ick
this is not enterprise license

i can see it in your above screenshot left bottom Corner: its a community license

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But i have enterprise on my UIPath Studio

Our company have an key for orchestrator that provides to activate 10 studios and we need to use it

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Ok then you have to run it through you enterprise orchestrator not your community orchestrator

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How can i do this?

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hi @Jom4ick
installation have some different paths

i hope you had install your site via windows installer
here as follow the installation path for orchestrator

then use your license to activate your orchestrator
some license comes with bundle (orchestrator + studio), once you activate the license it will show in your orchestrator license module

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I think you should login to your “host” tenant in the Orchestrator and activate the Enterprise license (unless you have got a tenant-level license from UiPath). It appears you are on the Default tenant now. Once you apply the license from the host, you should be able to distribute the license to other tenants from the host login.


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