Unable to access in_config file

Hey, I’m working on assignment 2 of the level 3 advanced training. I’m at the first part and all I’m trying to do is call assets from the in_config file. For some reason the new sequence I created cannot access the in_config excel file. I do not know how to link it. I import the arguments from the GetAppCredentials.xaml file but for some reason it will not import the in_config. How do I do this? Screen shot below:

Refer to the InitAllApplications.xaml and you will see that the Config collection is passed to it via Arguments.

If you are referring to the config collection as in_Config (case sensitive) then you have to pass it into your new sequence via arguments.

This other post should help you:

Hey thanks for getting back to me. I looked at the post but I still don’t totally get it. I opened the InitAllApplications.xaml file but how to I pass it into my new sequence via arguments?

You have to add Arguments to your new sequence.And then pass in parameters to your new sequence when you call it using Invoke Workflow

invoke workflow (System1_Login) in InitAllApplications

Oh wow I’m really new to this. I’m trying to understand this but its not clicking.

So step one: In my new sequence, add an argument called in_Config?

Step 2: How to I pass parameters into it?

So in my initAllApplications I currently have it opening up the UIDemo.exe application.

So I would invoke the login workflow below that?

invoke login workflow to below InitAllApplications and Import Arguments Value = in_Config(“SHA1 Online URL”).ToString

I hate to ask but can you send me screen shots? I really have no idea what I’m doing here…


Oh my sweet lord. It worked. All this time I was trying to do it from a new workflow file. I added it in below the initallapplications and it works! It also opens the UIDemo before that but i guess that is okay.

Thank you so much!!!

PS: Is there a way to reference the in_Config like I was trying to do? From a new file?

I think that should be but add argument to config file

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What do you have above you invoke workflow or system1_login? are you also opening the UIDemo? Its cut off

initallapplications I have this invoke workflow only

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So I must have messed something up in the first assignment then. In the first assignment I opened the intialallapplications and I then used it to open the UIDemo.exe. Was I suppose to save a copy of that somewhere else and only have that?

My initalallapplications now starts with UIDemo.exe then it goes on to open the URLs. Is it suppose to work like the way I have it?

I’m not sure it work to the way you have it

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