Stuck in Level 3 Walkthrough | Config file arguments

Hi Everyone,

I am stuck at UiDemo Walkthrough in InitAllApplications.
My workflow performs fine if I hard code the values but when I try to read from the config file, I get errors.
I am not sure how to declare the arguments for the config file.
I don’t know which arguments to import in Invoke Workflow for UiDemo and which arguments for ‘open application’.

Can anyone please help me with this? I am stuck on this from a long time.
Please refer the screenshots:

Thank you in advance.

I’m not getting an option to reply to this post (maybe because I am a new member here), so I am editing the original post.

@Tyler_Williams I get what you are saying but I need some specific input on that. I have been trying it but I do not understand how to assign out_Config and in_Config.

This is how my _Test.xaml looks like:

This is InitAllApplications

Can you please help me and tell me specifically what I have to do?
I would really appreciate the help. Been stuck here for quite a while now

Thank you!

New System.Data.DataTable” give this value to default value in variable declaration. IT may solve your problem.

It looks like you are trying to execute the InitAllApplications XAML directly without assigning any value to the in_Config argument. If you run this from a test XAML and first invoke InitAllSettings, assigning the out_Config from it to the in_Config for InitAllApplications it should not throw this error. This assumes you’ve completed all the previous steps from the walkthrough correctly.

tyler, lets say you are trying to read the StrPw varialble, it is stored in ini file, you need to declare it using the variables pane, then read the ini file and set the srtpw.