UiRobot, i don't see icon in System tray

Hi I have a problem,
I find in the path C: \ Users \ AppData \ Local \ UiPath \ app-21.4.0 UiRobot.exe, but when I double click, there is no icon in the system tray.
Can you help me?

Hi @f.bergamin !
In the path C: \ Users \ AppData \ Local \ UiPath do yo have other versions of the app that exist ? If yes, go to them and try each of them to see if there is a difference.
In windows search panel option, when you write UiPath Agent/Assistant, are you able to find the UiPath Agent/Assistant ?

this is what i see.
i don’t have other version in the folder


Can you explain what you wanna do with the icon?
If you are looking to run the processes you published through the system tray then in the new version you can do it from UiPath assistant…

In the older version, it was coming under UiRobot…

But now the same agent service is managed by UiPath assistant. Which I can see in your search result.

Hi @f.bergamin !
As @Pravin_Patil1 is explaining, what you are looking for is probably UiPath Assistant (called before UiPath Agent).
UiPath Assistant will allow you to run the jobs published, just open it and let us know :wink:

thank you! :slight_smile:

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