How to setup / install UiPath Robot?



I have been through the first academy course and had no problem creating/running various projects. However, I have just started “Level 2 - Orchestrator 2017.1 Training” where I need to initiate a robot (by clicking UI Robot icon in the windows system tray).

The icon/app is just not there. I have redownloaded and reinstalled the whole package, but it is still not there.

Any help or giudance is much appreciated.


@flovinskas I believe you are using community edition.

If your robot is not available under system tray, then navigate to ‘%Userprofile%\AppData\Local\UiPath’, check for ‘app-18.1.3’ folder and run UiRobot.exe. It should start the UiRobot under system tray.

Let me know if it works.

Rammohan B.

I don't see UIRobot setting Icon in system tray

Thanks a lot, it works!

It was that simple, however, it wasn’t clearly stated in the docs/tutorial.

Hope this question helps someone in the future.