How to install 'UIpath Robot'?

Hello. i’m just started to study UIpath and finished installation packages
(Community Cloud trial, UiPathStudioSetup.exe)
and then, I found ‘Uipath Studio’ and ‘Uipath Assistant’, but, i can’t find ‘UIpath Robot’ icon
How can i find ‘Uipath Robot’ tray?? I think, it seems not fully installed.

Thank you.

Hi @bin0901200055

Welcome to UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Check out the banner news :slight_smile: from version 20.3, the Robot is now called Assistant.

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Once u instal UI path community edition
Try this
Windows key +R run command will be open then type %localappdata%
New window will be open if you find ui path folder
In that you will find Uipath.Agent
Double click on it.
You can find ui path robot in your system

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Thank you so much~!!

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