UIPath Orchestrator Practice 2 UI Icon?

I have no UI icon that I can click on…the only UI icon i have in my taskbar is the one running the studio. What am I missing?

And also… where it says to “click here” if you cant find the icon that link takes me to a blank page. HELP!

found it:

Try pasting the following link into the address bar of your file explorer:

After opening that folder, go ahead and open the most recent subfolder named “app-*”, e.g. “app-17.1.6522”. Within this folder you should be able to locate the “UiRobot.exe” file. Double click it. Check your systems tray and see if the icon appeared.

If that did not do the trick, try the following: hold the “Shift” button down while right clicking on the UiRobot.exe file, and click “Copy as path”. Then, write the following command into a command prompt:

start [PATH] –tray
where [PATH] is replaced with the complete path to the UiRobot.exe file that you copied above, surrounded by quotes “”.


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