uiPath icon not found in System Tray in windows( I am using uipath community edition)

I am using uiPath COMMUNITY EDITION for learning automation process.
In my study on orchestrator I found that uiPath icon is not visible on my windows systems tray and did a research on how to add it and found few ways as typing < start [uiPath location] -tray> but these thing did not work out in my PC (is it because I am using COMMUNITY EDITION). If so, what is the alternative to resolve this issue! Please help me out so that I can connect to my orchestrator and learn how orchestrator works.


@shreyasshete Follow below link

Not able to find UiPath icon in status bar - #2 by Rammohan91

@shreyasshete goto uipath folder where uipath in installed, there u will see uirobot and right click on it and run it u will see uipath robot icon in tray. If uipath is updated, go to the current version folder from there u can start robot.

@Manjuts90, Thanks it worked!

@indra, Thanks, it was helpful and solved my problem efficiently!

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