UiPath won't activate

Hi, anyone else experiencing problems with the licensing? It continues to ask me to renew, I renew it on the website, says “renewed with success” and on the App it says already activated… I can only close and open the program and the “unlicensed” popup won’t go away.

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Hi @Pablito @rubenreis @donguri1219
Communityライセンスがアクティベートできません - #6 by donguri1219](Communityライセンスがアクティベートできません - #6 by donguri1219)

i am able to see many issues like this
Kindly help us with this issue,

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i hope what i got to know about this would help you

Please install the latest Community Edition version 2019.6.0
for more info on this

Cheers @rubenreis

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First, close Studio and clear this folder:

then try to renew your licence.
it might help you


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Hi @rubenreis,
Please take a look here:

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