UiPath Studio crashes when trying to publish a project

Good day,

I am not able to publish a project from UiPath Studio. At first the error was shown as a validation error from a previous version of the robot I kept in the same directory but at a different folder. After I moved it away, the studio just continues to crash as in “Uipath is not responding”. The problem only happens on one computer, as I have succesfully published the same project with no error on my test PC. How would I be able to resolve this issue?

You need to update the code in project.json file also when you are moving your main program from one folder to another. Secondly once you are publishing the project then please see that all the files in that folder where main is saved are all error free , if there is any error in any robot of that folder then you cannot publish that robot.


Thank you!

I only managed to publish the project after removing all the previous main files, even tough I’m 100% sure they were all working before as they weren’t touched after updating the version. Still I’m very grateful for your quick response. <3

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