Publish error

Hi to all!

I have stuck with next issue. Looks like i can`t publish anything from my machine. And i dont know why.
You can see error message on the screenshot attached below:


Thank you in advance for your help!

Once try restarting the UiRobot service from services.

I have tried to do so, but problem is still appear =(

Make sure your workflow does not have any errors.
Also move workflow in different folder and try running it.

I did. These cases dont help me

I think in this case you have to Re-Install UiPath again.
Make sure you take backup of your work.

Ok i will try to do this.

Well, the problem is still appear.

up topic

can you share the whole project with me? is the project linked to any tfs/svn repository?

Im so sorry, but its our production sources and i cannot share them.

can you check your uipath studio connection with orchestrator

Connection is fine. Robot reads all needed assets correctly.


Thanks to all, who tried to help! =)

SOLUTION. The problem was next - i have 2 versions of UiPath Studio (1.4 and 2.0) installed on my PC. After removing old version of the Studio - problem was fixed.