UiPath Studio and licensing

Hello Experts,

Our requirement as of now is to develop automated test scripts to test a desktop application and execute them maybe including more than 1 person.

For this requirement, only UiPath studio is sufficient right??

Or should I need to get a robot also with it??

Can anyone please help me with this.


Hi @kantheshm

If you are executing in one local machine, you can have only one robot to execute the task. However, if your desktop application is executed in multiple machines, then you should have one robot per machine to execute the task. So usually, when installing UiPath Studio, it installs the robot as well.

So, per machine, you will anyway have a robot. it all depends on where you want to execute :slight_smile:

My case is it has to run on local machine only.

So, i need only UiPath studio rgt??

Well, in that case, yes… You only need the UiPath Studio. It also installs the Ui Robot. So it should be fine :slight_smile:

Should i need to buy orchestrator along with robot??

Just one question, is your automation solution need to be scheduled to run at a particular time? Or is it manually activated?

manually activated

Then you can manage without the orchestrator. Orchestrator is required in cases where you need to manage the process centrally, in situation you need to schedule the process to run at a particular time and in cases where you need to paralell execute the process in multiple environments/ machines.

So, in case if you process is activated manually by a person, and you do not need such monitoring or scheduling, you can consider only the UiPath studio along with the robot. You also have the community edition of the UiPath studio which is free. You can decide whether it is good to go with the community edition as well…

Yes, i got this…

But my question is if i buy a robot and UiPath studio.then how can i control my robot without orchestrator??

We are planning to get
1-UiPath studio [Node Locked User]
2-Attended Robot[Named or Node lock user]

In this case How can i control my robot??

refer this post…


Thank You!!

Thank you for your support…

It helped me a lot…

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