Question need help. thanks in advance. Can we excute automation process on Robot without Orchestrator?

Hi Guys, Can anybody help answer this question? thanks

@fanding yes but scheduling the process is not possible

Yes, THANKS. and if that, should I publish the project from studio? if no. How can I put the project to ROBOT?

@fanding If u publish project it will reside in robot tray in right below corner. From there u can run it but there is no much difference than directly running in uipath.

Thanks. I will try.

And what I want to do is using uipath studio to develop project on computer A. And then package the project and run it on computer B. which already installed UiPATH robot on it. In this process, no Orchestrator. only studio on computer A and robot on computer B.

I am not sure whether it can be work in upper way? Do you have any advice?

@fanding Without studio robot cannot be used in system as of my knowledge. I dont know much about it, u must ask some other guys to know about it.

OK, thank you very much