Deployment of Workflow projects created using free community edition

I have completed a project on UiPath free community edition. I want to deploy this project so that many people can use this automation for office purpose. I have the following confusions regarding the same :

  1. Should all the systems who want to use this automation have Uipath installed in it??? If not then how can the systems not having Uipath use it??
  2. I dont understand clearly the concept of robot. There are 3 robots that are allowed for free community edition. Does that mean only 3 systems can use my automation that was created and if so can those 3 systems be changed later as and when required??
  3. Is it mandatory to use the Orchestrator for deployment of projects or is there any other way in which it cam be done??
  4. In orchestrator the robot is executed on command given from the orchestrator but is it possible for the end user to use the automation as and when required instead of activating it using Orchestrator.

I am new to UiPath and unable to understand the concept cleary. It would be of great help if anyone could assist me on these.

  1. All machines on which a bot process is to be run must have the UiPath robot installed. All machines where development of bot processes is to be done must have UiPath Studio installed.

  2. You have 3 robots, and each can be provisioned to 1 machine each. You can change which machine the bot may work on in Orchestrator at any time, but a bot can only work on 1 machine at a time.

  3. There are ways to execute the processes using the command line, but it is recommended to use Orchestrator for better management of your processes.

  4. Yes. The end user can activate a bot process from the Agent Desktop application as long as the robot is provisioned to their machine. Now, if the end user needs to execute a process for a different machine, that user will need Orchestrator permissions.

@Anthony_Humphries thank you very much for the reply. I understood most of it. How do I install UiPath robot alone on other systems in which I want to implement the automation?? If I create a floating robot then is there a concept of assigning specific systems as a robot??

Installation of the UiPath Robot is part of the Studio installation. However, you can uninstall Studio and leave the Robot on the machine.