Acquiring UiPath Studio and UiPath Robot

Hi all.

I’ am thinking in acquire an UiPath license but i have some doubts:

  1. If I buy a license for an attended robot, it includes UiPath Studio Enterprise?
  2. Can I use UiPath Studio in one machine and execute UiPath Robot in other with the same license?


No and no.

Studio license includes a robot to run on the same machine (thats what is used when you start from Studio) , but robot licenses are only for robots.

Thanks for your response. So I must buy one studio license and another license for the robot?

To my best knowledge - yes.

Ok, and may I share my robot license to other machines? I mean, run the robot in my machine and then activate it in other machine

It might be good for you to contact Uipath sales and present your use case. They can help with official answers, while mine are just from experience.

To your last question I’d say no, but please check with sales, I might be wrong.

Ok, thanks for your help :wink:

Yes, in the orchestrator you need to add the other machine.

I want to run the development environment (Studio) on a physical machine, and running tasks on the server. For this I need a studio license to develop and transfer to the Orchestrator and a back office robot license so that it works on the server?