UiPath running very slow for each activities in IE / BOT running very slow On IE

Issue Description:

UiPath running very slow for each activities in IE


Please follow the below steps while developing a workflow/ make necessary changes in the workflow :

  1. set the value of “WaitForReady” to “None” for activities and check if the automation becomes faster. There might be a possibility that there are some settings in IE or some script is running in the background that is causing delayed loading of the elements on IE.
  2. use “Element Exists” activity, to check if the element is present on the screen before performing any actions on IE with “WaitForReady” as “None”.

The above steps will ideally make the response quick while performing automation .

  1. Please try yo use other browser like Chrome , if possible and verify if you get the same latency.
  2. You can make use of image and keyboard automation. They are technically fast.

Detailed Explanation:
If you are trying this on a web browser outside citrix, you can simply set the Wait for ready property to complete. (See below image.) When the status is set to that, it will wait till the page is loaded completely before performing the steps.

On the other hand, if you are automating the citrix web page. Then you will need to use find image or wait image Appear activities, these activities can help you pause the execution until the image appears on the webpage (be it 2 seconds or 30 seconds), the execution halts until the image loads (the image can be anything n the website that ensures that the web page is loaded correctly).


let me know if this helps .

Additional changes in order to speed up the process.

  1. WaitForReady set to None
  2. TimeoutMS set to 2000