Stuck with 'On image appear'

I have a process that uses ‘On image appear’, but the process is getting Stuck with ‘On image appear’. Once the sequence inside ‘On image appear’ finishes it doesn’t go to the next sequence.

What am I doing wrong?

I’m attaching xaml as an example

text_copy.xaml (16.7 KB)

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If RepeatForever is True it will loop indefinitely as follows: wait for image to appear - execute the Do block - wait for image to disappear - repeat
Same for On Image Vanish.
So, you should set RepeatForever = False or use Find Image.


You can just give click image activity and provide Timeout MS property to some 5 to 10 mins in milliseconds, so that it canwait for the specified image for 5 to 10 mins, rather than getting stucked with ‘On image appear’ :slight_smile:

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Hi selrac,
Text_Copy_Updated.xaml (15.5 KB)

I have changed the Repeat Forever to False, and it is working fine.Please check the attachment

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