Activities on IE Modal Dialog taking more time to perform

Any activities (Click, Check, Type Into) performed taking more time in modal dialog. Each activity taking around 2 minutes. A Page consists of 5 entry took 10 minutes to complete. This entire application has many dialog boxes. This is halted my further development. No issues faced in automating the parent page.

All activities performed within ‘Attach Browser’ scope.

This is the method used to open the modal dialog page.


The current version of UiPath has an error when dealing with web modal dialog boxes.

When automating web pages, UiPath first waits for the HTML document to be completely loaded. In the case of web dialog boxes it cannot correctly decide when the page is ready so it waits the whole amount of timeout.
As a work around you can try:

  • to use a smaller timeout in all activities that automates HTML objects while the web dialog box is open.
  • set WaitForReady property to interactive or none for every activity automating web dialog boxes (including attach browser activity).



Thanks @adrian , Thus helped so much.

Does anybody know if is it fixed in UIPATH Studio 2017 SP1 ? Couldn’t find it in relese informations.

as far as I know it is not fixed yet

Help so much.I have the same problem and it works by set WaitForReady property to none(interactive not works) for click and sent hot key activities. But click image activities still need 30s.

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