Bot is unable to fine Ui Elements when it's running on deferent machine

Hi, when i am running Bot using uipath assistant on my machine it’s properly working but when it’s running on a deferent machine it’s not able to fine some Ui Elements and bot stops, i’ve checked selectors they are already dynamic still sometime it works on other machine but sometime it doesn’t i don’t know what’s happening please help .

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Hey @Shadab_Baid

You are running in Attended or Un-Attended mode ?



There could be many reasons…

  1. Bot Speed
  2. Internet issue
  3. Site Not loaded properly

We can resolve this issue

Follow the below methods…

  1. Use delay activity and provide 3-4 seconds delay


  1. Provide the delay in the following fields

2.1. Delay before
2.2. Delay After
2.3. Delay Between Keys
2.4. WaitForReady-Complete


It’s An attendant BOT

before you initiating any action in browser please do activate window

i guess you may using someother windows in between your process may it cause for that whereever you switching window please use activate window activity

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Okay then it’s a bit evident something on selectors.

Could you please tell us, is it failing in the very first step itself or at some specific steps ?

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