Uipath Robot Service won't start

Whenever I click the run button in any process, there’s a message popup saying that UiPath can’t connect to its robot. Going in to services.msc shows that the robot should be automatically loaded but won’t start when I press Start. Trying to manually start the service gives following error:

I don’t believe that I have administrative rights within my company.

Has this happened to anyone & is there a fix?

Is it happening with other services?

Open Uipath Robot properties and check General and Log On Tab to see if it is any different than other services?

There’s nothing different to it than with other services. For reference, I’m able to use other automation programs just fine and these have services as well…


You must need Admin credentials to start UiRobot service.Being employee of the company its very rare0 that employees have full rights on the computers.Make sure you have the access or not.

2 aproaches .

1.Contact your IT admin guy and ask him to start the service
2.Simpy Repair the UiPath Studio it will work for sure.

PS:For both you need admin access. :stuck_out_tongue:


Please try following and see if it works.

  1. On Start Menu, type “Services.msc”
  2. Find out UiRobot service & start it

If you are unable to start it, please get it done from System Admin.

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