UI Path robot not starting

I am unable to start UI Path robot when i start running any workflow i get the below error "Could not connect to UIPath Robot Service.Make sure the service is started! ". I have recently lost admin rights on my machine could this be the reason?
I tried starting the robot from services.msc but the start is greyed out and startuptype changed to automatic.

Hi @ChaitraMuniyappa,

Can you go the below location and start uirobot.exe application


I did it just opens and disappears but no change in robot status

Hi @ChaitraMuniyappa,

Can you run any workflow from studio and see if you are still getting the above error.

Is the uirobot service is running in services.msc

i have already tried running workflow. it gives the error mentioned in main topic and no robot isnt running in services.msc

Issue was with my Administrator rights being revoked. Once i got it back issue is fixed.