UiPath robot doesn't work

Hey experts,

I’ve created 3 different WFs in UiPath Studio CE, tested and it works as expected. But when press starting button in UiPath Robot window (after publishing, I can see them loaded here), nothing happens.
I dont wanna use Orchestrator for this. Just to start them directly from UiPath Robot.

Could you please advise?

Many thanks

Have you checked that Robot is connected to Orchestrator?

Hi @MSedlacek,

I am sure, you are not connected to the Orchestrator. Can you please publish the project from UiPath studio again. And close the Robot. Open it again.


No, the Robot is not connected to Orchestrator… and I dont wanna to connect it… just want to run WFs directly from Robot window, without connecting to Orchestrator… is that possible?

No you will have to connect to Orchestrator first then only you will be able to run the process from system tray

No,It is not necessary to connect the robot to orchestrator .
Simply you can publish the workflow and check it in the json Main file (To check the file name is correct or not .If your Main program name is other than “main”.rename and then publish it ).then download your program in your system tray.then run it


thanks for this, Sob… but I am afraid, I not 100% sure, what you mean… could you please elaborate more on this? I need to rename my Main program to “main” or can use my custom name and then change it in the json Main file? where I can find this file?


Once you publish your program .you will find Json file like this .image .

open that Json file and check the name…

Your main workflow name and the Json main name should be same… if it is not …change the name in the Json Main …and then publish your Workflow.


perfect, it works!

Thank you very much for that

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