Issue in Creating a Robot instance in Orchestrator with Community Edition


I am getting below message when I am trying to add robot in orchestrator


Please suggest.


Can you try using only’ for ‘Orchestrator URL’?

Rammohan B.

Yes this has worked, thanks a lot. I was able to setup a Robot in the Orchestrator.

Now next I published a process in UiPath Studio, and got below success message


But strangely when I am trying to connect this to my already available Robot in Orchestrator, i.e. by clicking the run (play) button inside Jobs (inside Orchestrator), I can just see the demo process (this was previously avaiable) and not my process (name of currently published process was OrchestratorTest).

I have correctly added machine Id during creation of tenant and robot process, but it looks probably my UiPath studio is not connected to this Orchestrator.

Please suggese how to solve this.

Thanks in advance