Uipath Studio to Orchestrator

Hi!, I am trying to connect my process to orchestrator but when I publish my project in order to add it to my list of processes i am not able to do it, (the package never appear in the list box). When I click in “publish” in Uipath Studio i get the information of the package (Name and version) but it doesn’t say anything like the examples i have seen; like this one --> “https://www.myget.org/F/orchestrator/”. It should say something like that? Should I change some settings of my project?

I would really appreciate if someone could help me whit this. Thanks in advance!!

Did you installed UiPath Robot? can you see your Robot in system tray? if so check if it is conected to Orchestrator properly. there is a video tutorial how to setup Robot with Orchestrator please go throught the video tutorial. Hope it helps you.

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Hi! thaks for answer me. Yes i installed Uipath Robot. I have already watch the video but i don’t know why when i publish it doesn’t sent it to orchestrator. I have to change some settings?


did you connect your bot with orchestrator?

Yes, I follow the instructions of the video you show me, so i dont know what else to do

Man, lets wait some one else have solution for that. I am unable to understand the issue.

@calarcon,Refer this