Next step after publish a robot

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I published a robot and checked that there is my robot uploaded in Orchestrator.
In another user PC, I got UiPath assistant and want to know how can use and load the robot.
Is there some function that load robots uploaded in Orchestrator ?

  1. Connect UiPath Assistant to Orchestrator:

    • Open UiPath Assistant on the user’s PC.
    • Click on the settings icon (gear symbol).
    • Choose Orchestrator Settings.
    • Add the Orchestrator URL and connect using your Orchestrator credentials.
  2. Accessing Published Processes (Robots):

    • Once connected, go back to UiPath Assistant.
    • Under the Processes tab, you should see the processes (robots) that are available in Orchestrator.
    • Find your published process (robot) and click on it.
  3. Executing the Process:

    • After clicking on the process, you can start or trigger it.
    • UiPath Assistant will communicate with Orchestrator to fetch the process and execute it on the user’s PC.
  4. Monitoring in Orchestrator:

    • You can also monitor the execution of the process in Orchestrator, even if it’s running on a different machine.

Ensure that the user on the other PC has the necessary permissions in Orchestrator to execute the process. This often involves assigning the user to a role with the required permissions.

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Check this document from UiPath for steps by step approach

Learn everything about UiPath assistant here

Cheers @PARK_Bin

Is there something for publisher side to do first ?
In the user side, there is nothing on the list in the assistant.

We need to check whether the assistant is connected or not
we can connect the assistant and orchestrator in 3 ways
by machine key
client secret
service URL

Hope this carifies

Hello @PARK_Bin

  1. Install UiPath Robot on the user’s PC.
  2. Connect UiPath Robot to Orchestrator by adding Orchestrator settings.
  3. Select the published process (robot) in UiPath Robot.
  4. Execute the process by clicking the “Start” button in UiPath Robot.

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Hi Usha,

Service URL was configured automatically.
Hmm… In the publish PC which is mine, I can see the robot in the Assistant.
But the assistant in the other PC, unavailable on the list. I tried “refresh”.

Try to connect with the machine key or client secret and check

Dear Usha,

After Publish, then I need to get to Orchestrator and upload Package first ? or no need ?