Post and robot and run it

Hi everyone

I already published my robot in the orchestrator but at the time of opening the robot I do not get the robot to publish

how do i have to connect my orchestrator robot to uirobot

Thanks a lot


In the robot settings, you need to provide the name of the machine on which the robot is going to work, the URL to your instance of Orchestrator, and the machine license key. If all 3 are valid, you’ll see a status of “Connected with license”. You’ll also need to make sure the user credentials for the bot are configured in Orchestrator, or the license will not be able to be verified.



my orchestrator is connected to my pc

I want the robot that I publish from uipath studio to appear on the robot so that I can run it

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Are you talking about the package / process from studio?

If you you need to add the robots to the relevant environment - you need to then go to process tab and add that process :slight_smile:

you should then be able to see the package on the UiPath Robot Agent screen.


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