UiPath robot does not connect to Orchestrator


I am updating a UiPath platform from v2020.10 to v2023.4. I have already installed/update studio machines and NonProduction, but… I’m not able to update Unattended robots.

Firstly I am sharing the procedure followed:

  1. Uninstall software 2020.10
  2. Restart the machine
  3. Create Robot Account in orchestrator admin section → Production_Robot_Account.
  4. Grant ‘Robot’ role to previous robot account
  5. Allow unattended robots to run automations as this robot account and set specific windows credentials (domain\username - password)
  6. Create Template machine → Production_Maching (keeping both clientId and secret)
  7. Assign the template and the robot account into the modern folder
  8. Install software 2023.4, selecting Unattended automations during the installation
  9. Try to connect to orchestrator through MachineKey and throy Client → Error:


After having the error and doing some research, I have just tried to make a change in UiRobotSvc settings, doing exactly the opposite to:

In particular the set up is, being the exactly same user-password used in previous list in item number 5 :

After restart the service, now the robot connects. It should be great if after Signing off the machine any robot can be executed there, but it’s not posible due to:

Could not start executor. Logon failed for user Domain\User. Reason: ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED=ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED=0x00000005 : Access denied…

Is there any error in the procedure? Has anyone faced the same issue?

Please I need some help ASAP :frowning:

Thanks in advance

Hi @Alvaro_RS

Can you check that whether you are able to setup the unattended bot as per the below link?


If this is not the case then can you share your license page and also share the machines page as well

Also check that you have created the Machine Template instead of Standard Template

Hope this may help you



Thanks for the quick answer.

I have also tried the information shown in the link you attached, but the result seems to be the same.

Next there are the images (without confidential data) about License and Machines:

In Addition, the robot account setup:

If you need any extra information, just let me know and I’ll try to gather it.



I requested for UiPath technical support and we have detected not only the root of the problem but also the solution.

IT department set up a proxy to manage the connections in the machine and Service Mode (unattended) instalations in recent versions of UiPath does not detect this configuration automatically.

We need to explicitly include that setup in UiPath.config file. A link to product docs is included next: https://docs.uipath.com/robot/standalone/2023.10/user-guide/redirecting-robots-through-a-proxy-server


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