UiPath Robot Connection

Is there anyway to refresh the UiPath Robot connection?
When turn of my wifi connection UiPath Robot icon turns red in the tray indicating it is from the orchestrator. Now I can only connect by killing the process using start manager and starting it again.

I’d never noticed this before. The easiest thing to do here would be to create a desktop icon to restart the robot service.

@ovi is this a new “feature” - the UiRobot service didn’t previously stop running that it had dropped off when connection to the internet was lost.

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First of all, which Robot version?

Then, if the Robot and Orchestrator have not communicated in the last two minutes(Robot not sending heartbeat) the Robot becomes Unresponsive in Orchestrator and the tray icon becomes red. When you turn the wifi on again, the Robot connects automatically, resulting in the tray icon to become blue.

I’m not aware of such changes in the Robot behavior regarding the connection to Orchestrator. I’ve tested this on my own machine and it reconnects automatically(Robot in user mode, version 18.1.1)

Does this happen on your side also?

Well it’s weird - until I saw this post I’d never seen it but when I checked the UiRobot icon it was indeed red. I’m pretty sure I was connected to wifi at the time but not 100% sure. I’ll continue to monitor…

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Yes, the icon indicates the Robot’s status(you can also see it by hovering over the icon). Details in the Robot user guide:

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Can a robot run without internet in production (DMS environment) which is licensed locally?

With a Attended License yes :slight_smile:


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any source link for the justification ?


Not for type of robot, justification for running in DMS environment.