Robot in tray is grayed and says "Connected, Licensing"

Hi All,

I had updated UiPath studio and Robot to 2019.12.0 recently on a remote machine accessed via RDP.
Iam using CE with Robot type set as “Studio”(Unattended).

When I hover on the Robot icon on system tray, it shows “Connected, Licensing”. When I click on the icon, the Robot window opens and says “Connected, Licensed.”.
As I trigger automations by having the RDP session disconnected, wanted to know if the “licensing” status of Robot will have an impact.

Say for example, I noticed that there was a timed out error when triggering the automation some times. The timed out error is due to multiple reasons - one being that the RDP session is not properly terminated by returning control to the local session.

Will the “Connected, licensing” status cause similar issues when triggering the bot via orchestrator?. What does this status mean?.
This status is not seen in the previous versions of UiPath Robot.

Hi @satishkumar,
You need to know that CE version of Studio is installing Robot service based on user thread. It means that service is active and listening for Orchestrator command only when user account is logged in/screen locked. If session is disconnected then service is not working as well so Robot can’t take anything from Orchestrator.

Thanks for the info but this doesn’t answer the question.
The bot is triggered via orchestrator and it works fine for most cases.

I would like know what the status “Connected, Licensing” means because the “licensing” status changes to “licensed” at the moment that I click on the icon.

Here you have some information about it: