The Agent Desktop system tray icon shows status "Disconnected" when robot is connected and process is working

The UiPath assistant (2020.10.10)system tray icon color is RED - status shows disconnected upon hovering on the icon. But in actual there is no connection issue and robot is connected to orchestrator and process is running.
Just clicking on the icon in tray, changes the color to BLUE - status as connected.
Is it some bug? Is it because of idle state and status is not reflecting correctly?

Hello @Nira ,

I hope it may be some connection glitch. If the process is executing in Uipath assistant from orchestrator, then in assistant it should be Green in color.

Hi @Nira

Just to clarify, what is your method of connecting the Assistant to Orchestrator? Is it the Sign In method or the Machine Key?

It uses machine key.
We have the system tray icon like below.
But our issue is it shows red - disconnected even when there is no connection issue or service is not stopped.

We have the icon like the screenshot. I guess the assistant showing green color comes in the upgrade/or different version.
Also when the process is running it task bar icon is green (like play button).

I believe I sometime experience the same behaviour, even on the newer version (with a different icon, but still the same where it all works even though the icon is red, but switches to green the moment I re-open the Assistant).

I pushed this issue to our issue tracker for our Assistant team to have a look. Thank you for reporting :slight_smile:

Good news - this will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases :slight_smile:

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