UiRobot icon randomly uninstalls (disappears) from systems tray

I know how to run the UiRobot.exe file to get the Ui icon in the systems tray to connect to orchestrator just fine. The problem I have is that the Ui icon randomly disappears and therefore disconnects my robot from orchestrator. It is really annoying to have re-execute the UiRobot.exe file EVERYTIME the UiRobot icon disappears.
I currently have a few processes running every 15 minutes all the time and it is frustrating to realize that my processes have been stopped because the UiRobot somehow gets disconnected. Is there a reason why this happens randomly (fluctuates from maybe every other day to once a week)?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! I dont want to have to constantly check up on my robot due to this connection problem

Hi @Jacob_Summers

Could you provide an event viewer log? Let’s try to solve it as this issue should never occur.

Also, could you see here if the same might be relevant to you?

Ill go ahead and check the logs the next time it fails due to the missing robot connection and ill post them.
Just today I restarted the computer that I have run a process from orchestrator every 15 minutes and the Ui icon in the systems tray has disappeared. So i have to go back in and go to my \appdata\local\uipath\app-18.4.1 to re-run the UiRobot.exe in order to re-create the connection. An ideas why this happened after the restart?

Hi Jacobs,

Sorry to hear you have these kind of problems, we have never seen this behavior until now.

Can you please let us know a little bit more about your setup you say you are running?
You say you have robots running every 15 minutes. How do you do this? Do you log onto the computer with the robot’s user and then trigger them from Orchestrator?
Is the machine that hosts a robot always on and the robot’s user always logged in ?

Do you maybe have both community and enterprise version installed? Can you please check?

Logs in Windows event viewer > Windows Logs > Application are written all the time, so you can look now around the time you guess it got disconnected and see if there are any UiPath errors logged.

Btw, not that it makes any difference, but UiRobot.exe is used to run cmd commands, the UiAgent is the tray application that you use to visually connect to Orchestrator.