Connection lost evey 30 seconds, execution cancelled, robot unavailable

Dear all
I have an issue since a few days : every 30 seconds the connection from my PC to Orchestrator fall down for a few instants (I guess when UiPath checks the license), resulting in any running robot to stop.
If I let the UiPath tray open I can see the message “robot unavailable” replacing the message “Connected, licensed” every 30 seconds, the list of available robot processes becomes empty and then repopulates again.
In Orchestrator, the robot is available and has a green light.
If I start a process from Studio, it stops at a this ‘refresh’ moment and I receive the error : Execution has been cancelled. If the execution can finish within the 30 seconds, the robot can perform the task completely.
If I disconnect from Orchestrator, the robot runs normally from studio without stopping.
I have admin rights on my PC
Thanks a lot for your precious help

Hi @AndreJacques,

Welcome to UiPath Forum!
Are you using Orchestrator?

Hi Radu
Yes indeed, with a Community licensing (I’m learning) and the latest version of Studio

Unfortunately, there were some issues with this week.
Please let us know if this happens again after Monday.

I still have the same issue. I’ve tried to disconnect and reconnect, delete the machine in Orchestrator and recreate it again. It still loose the connection exactly every 30 seconds for 1 or 2 sec, and then reconnect automatically.
Some idea how to solve this ?

I have the same issue too. Right now my robot shows ‘red exclamation’ and is unavailable.

Thanks for this info : adding the domain name in Orchestrator solve the issue !

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