Uipath Orchestrator error 500

Good evening, i am will . I am trying to install UiPath Orchestrator enterprise and I get this error ! image
The PC meets the requirements before installation. I don’t know where the error comes from. If anyone can help me?
thank you

Review your Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application and filter source for “Orchestator”. Should see any error message there.

Last time I saw this directly after a fresh install and the installation itself was successful. I provide an incorrect username format for my IIS Application Pool that didn’t match the domain username expected by the SQL Server domain\username

Thank you for the initial response. where exactly do I find Event Viewer. Is it in the IIS-Manager?

Start Menu > Search for “event viewer” or run eventvwr.msc with Win+R

thank you i was able to find the error and this : “User-defined views\Events of the summary page: Possibly deleted”.
how can I solve this? if you have an idea?
thank you


Hope this thread would help you resolve this

Cheers @T002Malik

Hi all, I was able to install the orchestrator yesterday. I just have to install the robots and activate it. The problem was with the ASP.NET Core IIS Module. I don’t know why but on my machine it only worked with the minimal version 3.1.x.

Now I’m trying to install Studio Pro . In the control panel I must give the name of the URL of the Orchestrator instance which is in the uipath.config file.
I have searched for this file in the IIS and in the programs I could not find it. How can I find this file to access the URL?