How to troubleshoot the Orchestrator installation error “an error occurred while configuring IIS”

How to troubleshoot the error received while attempting to install Orchestrator, which states “an error occurred while configuring IIS” ?

  1. Ensure to fulfill each and every software requirement
  2. Ensure to fulfill each and every prerequisite
  3. Ignore the steps related to executing the InstallRolesAndFeatures.ps1 power-shell script.
    • Instead of executing through PowerShell scripts, you can configure it manually using the steps mentioned here
  4. Check all the pre-requisites , especially: URL Rewrite, Necessary Server Roles, Log on as a batch job right for Application Pool user
  5. Ensure that the URL Rewrite is installed too
  6. Make sure all the below Installed:
    • IIS 7.5 and above
    • After verifying the above, follow up with the installation steps using the MSI installation file
  7. If the pre-requisites are met, check if the UiPath Orchestrator Application pool is ran as a custom account. If so, apply the 'Application pool custom account' with 'domain\username'

Ensure the UserName is domain\username, not the one shown in the screenshot.
For Example the username will be “domain name\user name”
  1. Please check if the default name of the application pool was changed from "UiPath Orchestrator" to a custom name.
    If changed, the application pool name has to be changed back to "UiPath Orchestrator" for an upgrade to work. The application pool name can be changed by right clicking one.

If all steps above do not work, delete all the pre-existing self-signed certificate in the system & remove it from Personal & Trusted Root certification folder. Create one more certificate self-signed certificate & reinstall again the Orchestrator.