UiPath not recognizing the elements

I have tried to automate one of the user creation on our local application. I tried to do web recording. But UiPath is not recognizing the tabs. It accepts only one tab. While selecting the tab during recording, it is showing the error “The selected control doesn’t have a reliable selector. Target can be identified more reliable by specifying a relative element(anchor) that has a fixed value”. I tried alternative way to select the tab(Click activity, Select Item activity). But it is not recognizing the item.

Hi @renjutom,
If Studio can’t recognize selectors in your application then image related activities can be needed.

Hi @renjutom,

Are you facing this issue while selecting data from drop down?
if so try type into and try to select data from drop down.


Hi Pablito,

Since I’m new to UiPath, could you please explain what Image related activities u mean.

Thanks in advance!

It is not drop down. I’m just trying to select the “settings” tab shown in above picture. While clicking the tab, I’m getting this error.

There are many image related activities. Most used are image.
I recommend to go through our Academy Training path so you will know how to handle with basic activity and how those can be used. Just go to: https://academy.uipath.com

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Hi Pablito,

I tried to use click image activity. But, it is not recognizing the selected image. I selected “settings” tab, but it is recognizing another tab. Please find the attached screenshot for reference.


Hi @renjutom,
In this case as you are working with text it’s better to work with Click OCR Text like in this example:

Hi Pablito,

Thanks for your quick response.
I tried with Click OCR Activity also. It was not recognizing the text I passed. Please find the attached screenshot for reference. I tried to change the selector. But, the validation is getting failed.

Try to experiment with OCR settings like ‘Scale’, ‘Language’ etc. Please check the Foundation Training on our Academy website. There is a part related to OCR actions and image based also. This should help you :wink: