Selection of a tab not working in UI path


Hi Team, In the attached image, When I try to select the style tab, it’s not detecting.
It’s only recognizing the whole page as shown in image.
Kindly, let me know how to navigate to styles tab using selectors.

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Hi @Karthikeyan_B ,
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its desktop application ?
try click image activity or check any shortcut key to select style menu


HI @Karthikeyan_B

Try With the Click Text Activity


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Once close the browser/Application

if that is a browser you must have installed the Uipath Extension.

after closing the browser/Application try to re indicate it on the element


How this will works :
It will scrap the data and search for the text and clicks that.

You need to set selectors for the whole screen and give your text in the text field,and so that it will search for the text and will click on that word

Hi @Karthikeyan_B ,

Make sure the Extensions required are already enabled.

Also Check the Selection/Indication of the Required Element with different Frameworks as well.

You can navigate to different frameworks using F4 when you are in Selection Mode Or you can toggle between the Framework in UiExplorer and Check if you are able to detect/Select the Element.

If the above method doesn’t work, we should be able to navigate using Send Hot Keys.

yes,It’s a desktop Application

@Sudharsan_Ka Thanks for you response. I tried searching for click text activity.
But I couldn’t find that… can you please help on this… Please find the attached image for your reference.

Search it from activity panel.

Did you tried with above solutions?


@supermanPunch Thanks for your response…! I tried with 3 of them… But its not working out.

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Hi @Karthikeyan_B ,

What type of application it is. Is it java based application. If it is java pls enable java extension. Thanks.

Please find the attached image… I get only “Click ocr text” but not the “click text” activity

Click text will available in the Activities Search in Activity panel

You can use CV Screen scope Activity and inside that scope use CV Click Activity to select the particular tab


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Hi @Karthikeyan_B ,

My suggestion before going for all work arounds we have to understand why spying window selecting whole window of application. Could you tell us what type of application you are using based on that we have to enable extensions or some other way we have to find. thanks.

@NervousTuber Thank you so Much…! It’s working out…! :star_struck:

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hi , have you tried to change the selector framework?,
you can change it by pressing f4


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