Unable to Use UI Element Activities in UiPath

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a UiPath project where I need to interact with a web application. I’m encountering an issue with the “Click” activity where it’s not reliably identifying the target element on the webpage.

Can anyone please provide guidance on how to resolve this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Getting this error

Ensure that the selectors used to identify web elements are as reliable as possible. You can use the UiExplorer tool in UiPath to fine-tune selectors and make them more robust. Avoid using selectors based on attributes that might change dynamically (like IDs) and opt for attributes that are more stable (like CSS classes or text content).



Based on the given screenshot I could see that the element is not yet indicated with CLICK activity

click activity once been dragged u can see an option to indicate on element in blue font
Click on it and indicate the element

Make sure you have kept the click activity within Use application browser activity or inside attach window activity

That will ensure that click works as expected

Let us know for any clarification

Cheers @Aditya_Nalawade

Still facing Same Issue>> Target not set

Can u share the screenshot of your activity in studio @Aditya_Nalawade

Tick indicate its clicked

See u can find an option called Indicate on chrome in that highlighted activity
Click on it and u need to indicate the region of scope where u want to indicate elements
Then this error will go


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Why its not selecting that ui element?:thinking:

Have a view on this how to use this activity


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Watched Full tutorial tried on different Website its working but here its throwing error:(

Is there any other way we can achieve ?

Like i want to click the detail then extract the data which pops up when we click (detail)paste in excel then move to next row and follow the same

The Ui element ain’t being selecting