UiPath Licenses ( Studio vs Non Production)

With a non production license i can use studio , deploy any package . In a nutshell we can use all functionalities of Studio license

Warning is displayed but it never restricts me to use studio and develop code

This just means that Studio is tied to a robot license labeled “Non-production”. This makes sense if you’re using a machine only for development purposes. If you need Studio to be associated with a production robot, you’ll need to associate an Unattended or Attended bot to the machine.

In that sense for a development environment non production license is similar to studio license for a machine

Production and NonProduction are Unattended Type Robots where Studio/StudioX and Attended are Attended Type Robots.

The message is displayed as Unattended type Robot is not intended to licenses your Studio originally, but could be used for troubleshooting/debugging a package you might have deployed. I believe the stance on this has changed slightly when it comes to the Community Edition when Studio Pro was introduced.

@Forum_Staff can you confirm / clarify?


It is actually quite straight-forward:

This basically means that using Studio under these licenses is only allowed for troubleshooting:

  • in the case of unattended license, it is a breach of licensing terms if you use this license for actual development (and not just checking what goes wrong on your Robot machine)
  • in the case of non-production license (which is, well, called non-production for a reason :sweat_smile:), it is the same; this license type exists to help out with migrations to new UiPath versions by providing a way to run your robots on a parallel environment and debug any issues;

You cannot use these licenses for actual development without breaching the licensing terms.