Nonproduction Robot license

How can I get a NonProduction Robot’s concurrent runtime license, apply it for free or need to pay for it? will the NonProduction Robot’s concurrent runtime license is expired after a few months?

Buy some unattended and you’ll get a fraction of the quantity as non-production (for free or discounted) which are to be used in the test/dev environment



This is pretty old thread, but i am having the issue to understand the licensing.

Below is my Scenario.

Company want to setup 3 Tier Architecture

1 Dev, 1 Test, 1 Production

In production, they will procure 2 x studio, 1 x Orchestrator, 2 x Unattended Robots

My question here is the Dev, Test environment which are non-production, need same set as production, but do we get the license for charge or for free.


Usually you would have

  • in dev - Studios ($)
  • in test - Non Production (20% from the number of bots)
  • in prod - Unattended and Attended ($)

You may use the same orchestrator but different tenants for dev, test.
It is recommended to have separate orchestrator for prod and for dev/test


Thanks Badita,

I have another question that, with 1 studio license how many users / machines can use?

because we have 4 developers to use the studio, Please advise.

Studio license is per user. You need four

4 studio licenses if developers are working at the same time. Possibly less if they are not all on the same work shift using concurrent licensing.

Can you licence studio via a non-production licence? I have a client machine that I thought had licenced studio and non production bot - but they seem to be using the same license? Thanks