Orchestrator robot account

Hi i have created a robot account but i am not able to give it non production license
it is showing unlicensed when i see it under non production licenses for that particular tenant


It’s better if you can share some screenshots


Hi i wont be able to send screenshot as of now bu want to ask that in robot account we can assign non production license or only production unatended license are needed for robot account

Hi @ashish_negi

We can assign both licenses if we have it, but non-production will act like a test enviroment or UAT in this case, and production unattended will work as production, you should chooise based on the scenario you need

Also if you can give a try using the Sign in option in order to retrieve the license from orchestrator


Just to confirm, the nonproduction license you are assigning, is being assigned to a Machine Template right?

And the “Unlicensed” that you’re seeing, you see that from UiPath Assistant?

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