Is Studio License concrete to run the process itself without consume addition license

If anyone have idea is (Studio) license is enough to run process in enterprise or it should consume (attended / unattended) robot license beside Studio while debugging/ deploy
3 unattended
2 attended
1 Studio
,So will (Studio) License will Consume another 1 (attended/ unattended) to run and deploy the Process ?

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hi @Saad_Soliman
Studio means separate license and as well we talk as (Development Licenses) both name are same

once you are developing the codes of cause you can use Studio license as run and test the process.

But when you coming to the production environment , you cannot use studio for deployed process.
You have to use Attended / Unattended robot for development environment.

and good news is that even you are using Attended or unattended robot on your machine , Uipath offer you to install studio into relevant machines for the troubleshoot purposes (not consider license and only can be do the troubleshoot)

And Studio license doesn’t consume another license(attended/unattended) to run the process , its running through own studio

But once you deploy the process into robot , then it running under that relevant this case its not consume studio license also


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