Differences Between Non-production & unattended robot

Hi Guys, may I ask what is the exact differences between non-production robot licenses vs unattended robot license (In terms of functionality, service included etc.)

I have read some document and most of them only said non-production is for development, BUT what really makes non-production differs from unattended? Or in other words, why I can not use non-production license for production?


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HI @Yau_Gary_HK_HKG

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Nonproduction robots will be assigned to development environment.

Unattended robot will be assigned for Production environment.

From Orchestrator, can schedule the job depending on the business requirement.
Means bot has to run how frequently minutes, hrs., daily etc.

Check out the docs


HI @Yau_Gary_HK_HKG

Checkout this thread


Hi, practically they do the same thing.

Main difference is ofcourse the environment that you can use it on.

Unattended Robot comes with UiPath Orchestrator for Production (Considering it is FLEX skus)
Non Production Robot comes with UiPath Orchestratior Non-Production (Considering it is FLEX skus)

Non Production Robot does not have access to data service whereas Unattended Robot has access to it.

Do note that the the Non Production Robot is now called as UiPath - Flex - Unattended Robot - Non Production


Thanks @Gokul001 @Sudharsan_Ka @seanrockvz13 .

So does it mean that it is weird to assign both unattended license and non-production license to the same machine? Or in any situation we would do that?

I think its impossible @Yau_Gary_HK_HKG


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Not necessarily weird. However, you cannot assign 2 licenses on the same robot due to the licenses are actually being assigned only by UiPath Orchestrator during runtime.

Also, 1 license will be assigned at one point in time.

Normally, you can have both in the same Orchestrator environment, but not on the same machine at the same time.


Thanks a lot.

Sure Gary! Let me know if you have any issues. Can you please mark my response as solution so that the thread can be closed?

Hi Sean.

In an environment with 1 Unattended + 1 Non-Prod, here i can use Data Service. The Non-Prod Robot can access the Data Service. What i think you are talking about is that the non-prod does not leverage Data Service alone in Orchestrator.

Is that correct? Because, if not, how can be a non-prod environment without all technical features?

Hi Humberto,

thank you for your query. My understanding is, you can still use data service with it. It’s just that it does not have a Data service unit together with the license.

take note that Data service is granted via the automation cloud and does not stick with the license. so for example if you have a license for data service. You can allocate this license to the tenant where you have a Non production robot. The Non production robot will then be able to use it as well because the DSU is in the tenant.

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Interesting Discussion. That means, It is able to have one Orchestrator on Windows Server VM with 1 unatttended prod and 1 unatttended test license. One Robot on an VM take the prod and a other Robot on an other VM take the test License?

yes it is able but what about having two licenses in the same machine where one license is more than enough?