Development robot License vs Attended robot license

What is the difference between the two? Can I use Attended robot license in a testing environment?
Isn’t studio license enough for development phase?

i got same doubt too

Hi @ydash999 , @karlkong

Yes studio license is enough for development. Attended license can be used for testing machine.

Please note below key points:

  1. With studio license alone, you can do development and be able to do all the testing by directly hitting run from within studio. However you can’t run your process from orchestrator if you just have studio license assigned. But for development purposes, that should just be fine to keep the environment separate.

  2. With attended license, you won’t be able to use studio in the machine however, you would be able to kick start your processes from uipath assistant. In this case also, you can’t run processes from within orchestrator.

  3. For any process to run from orchestrator , you need either non production license for non-prod environment and unattended license for prod environment.

Hope this clear your doubts :slight_smile:


Great help.another qn- is non production license mean development license?

Hi @ydash999,

Using non prod license, you can do development as well as testing from orchestrator.

So basically it’s the higher version of license that would allow the features of studio+attended license as well.


Thank to very much basically with uipath studio we get all licenses,but it has minimal usage right?Like we can’t deploy as many robots as we want


It all depends on how many licenses you have required. It varies.

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Thankss a lot it

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