UiPath Layout (UI) reset

Hello guys!

I have a problem since the last Stable version update (2019.3.0) ,
where my UI layout resets with every start of the program. It is really frustrating since I’ve got used to
a certain type of menu arrangement!

Is anyone else having the same problem or has anyone solved the issue if so?
(I’ve tried to reset the settings but there is no result)

Hi @drusinov

Please make sure you are not running it from the installer but rather from your Start menu after the first run.
(if run from .exe installer, it will clear your settings every time)

Could you confirm that this was indeed the issue? :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror ,

Definitely that is not the case. Usually I run UiPath directly from the project’s *.xaml file.
Even then the layout resets. :frowning:

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Is it thus possible that the settings are not being saved in your user directory? It once happened to me that Studio was running in a virtual sandbox forced upon it by my protection software.

Please check your %userprofile%\appdata\local\uipath to see how it looks like. It should look somewhat like so:

I marked the two files that should store your settings.

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Hi again and thanks for the suggestion!
I have checked my local folder and it looks the same as yours, so the issue is still not resolved.

Could you set your settings, close Studio and then backup the two files I marked above? Afterwards, please run Studio again from the same folder via the UiPath.Studio.exe file and compare the new setting files with the backup ones.

Please monitor the folder as well while launching the Studio. No files should disappear/get deleted.

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So I have tried what you have suggested and it turns out that on every restart of UiPath, it re-writes on its own the ‘UiStudio.v2.settings’ file. Nothing appears/disappears inside the local folder as well.

Still no clue what is going on :frowning:

I have the same issue in Enterprise version 2018.4.5.
The studio layout resets every time i restart studio, and the UiStudio.v2 gets re-written every time Studio is opened.

Edit: Tried uninstall - reinstall and not open studio from installer. The layout is still reset after i close and open studio

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Good news!

I switched to receiving beta versions of the updates instead of stable and since the last update - (2019.4.0-beta.141), the problem seems to be fixed.

My best guess is that it was a release problem. Let me know if anyone still experiences the issue.

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