Saving UiPath Studio panel layout

I need help figuring out how I can save the the layout of panels in UiPath Studio.

If it matters, I am running version 2018.2.3 (Community edition).

Here’s a summary of what I am doing:

  1. I launch UiPath Studio and create a new project. By default, the layout of the panels looks like this:

  2. I then rearrange the panels so they appear how they used to appear when i first installed UiPath Studio (e.g., Activities panel open on left; Workflow Designer panel open in middle; Properties panel open on the right; etc.)

  3. Then I save the project and close UiPath Studio.

  4. When I launch UiPath Studio and open the project, it goes back to the default layout shown above and I have to re-arrange the panels all over again!

What do I need to do to save the panels so I don’t need to rearrange them every time I open a project?

Thank you!

Hey @kyle, Usually UiPath Studio provide by default layout but if it is not working at your end then I would suggest to reinstall UiPath Studio.

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Thanks, NavneetPanpaliya!

After reinstalling UiPath Studio the default layout returned. And, any changes I made to the layout were saved when I saved a project.

BTW, I discovered the layout configuration appears to be saved int he layout.xml file in the \AppData\Local\UiPath\ folder. I believe the issue I was having was related to my “Documents” folder being configured to point to a OneDrive folder. But, that’s just a guess. Regardless, reinstalling UiPath resolved the issue.